Hyper open global
reversible cloud

  • 40 Xeon vCores
  • 256 GB RAM
  • 4TB SSD

  • 10 Gbps LAN
  • 1 Gbps Transit
  • Global CDN
  • Rest API

195 €/month (excl. tax)

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  • 128 AMD vCores
  • 1 TB RAM
  • 16TB SSD

  • 10 Gbps LAN
  • 1 Gbps Transit
  • Global CDN
  • Rest API

495 €/month (excl. tax)

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Rapid.Space is a Hyper Open cloud provider offering Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Content Delivery Network (CDN) and global IPv6 (SDN). If you are looking for an ethical solution with high performance, low latency, big data volume, reversibility, transparency and privacy at a competitive cost, find out more here or reserve your server today.

Bare Metal

Dedicated machines:
No junk attached.

Speed and Size

Built for Performance:
Big data and heavy computations.

Open Source Hardware and Software

Open Source Hard/Software:
Clone or contribute.

Ultra low cost

Ultra low cost design:
Constraints are features.

Rest API Interface

Rest API for Management:
Build your own console.

Recycled Hardware

Recycled Harware:
Trying to make a difference.

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