SLA – Service Lifecycle Automation


  • Build
  • Orchestrate
  • Monitor
  • Self-repair
  • buildout
  • Theia IDE
  • Rest API

from 40€/month (excl. tax)

Get Node


  • Edge operator
  • Plug-and-play OSS
  • Integrated platform
  • Self-repair
  • Scalability
  • Live upgrade
  • Open Source

from 40€/month (excl. tax)

Open source platform and IDE to create fully automated, cloud native services and applications.


Rapid.Space SLA provides all software components to create your own Platform as a Service (PaaS) in virtually no time. 

True Cloud with full lifecycle automation

Rapid.Space SLA is a true cloud platform, not just a "build and deploy" platform. It covers all aspects of service lifecycle automation beyond build and deploy: configuration, orchestration, monitoring, self-repairing, self-optimising, disaster recovery, accounting, billing, etc..


Rapid.Space SLA provides automated disaster recovery services.


Rapid.Space SLA follows a declarative approach to guarantee reproducibility, even 10 years later.


Rapid.Space SLA guarantess portability across any compatible OS, even ten years later.


Rapid.Space SLA is compatible with any POSIX OS: Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch, FreeBSD, etc.

Theia IDE

Rapid.Space SLA embeds a complete Web IDE: Theia. Developer teams benefit from a common, reproducible software development environment worldwide.


Rapid.Space SLA relies on a single language to automate service lifecycle: buildout

Component library

Rapid.Space SLA includes more than 300 open source components: MariaDB, MongoDB, HAProxy, Python, Node, etc. See the full list here and here.

Flat price

A single Rapid.Space SLA can be used to manage any number of projects in parallel on a single server. The bigger the server, the more projects you can manage.


Rapid.Space SLA can be deployed on Rapid.Space VPS, on third party cloud or both.

Rapid.Space SDN

Rapid.Space SDN is included in Rapid.Space SLA.


Automate Rapid.Space PWS provisioning and configuration thanks to Rapid.Space REST API.