Rapid.Space is a Fully Open cloud based on the ideas of radical transparency and minimalism. Rapid.Space does with 8 products what other clouds do sometimes with more than 200 products or services.

VPSVirtual Private ServersHigh performance Virtual Private Servers from
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CDN Content Delivery NetworkGlobal accelerated CDN including China from
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SDN Low latency optimisationLatency optimised SD-WAN from
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RAN Open Radio SystemAutonomous edge station for private 4G/5G
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AIBig Data HubBig Data Hub for AI and Data Engineering from
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PWS Store for Progressive Web AppsProgressive Web Server for headless PWA from
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SLA Software Life Cycle ManagementMake your own multicloud PaaS or SaaS from
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POD Point of DistributionAcquire or lease on premise infrastructure from
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Use Cases

Some examples of Rapid.Space services being deployed across the world. VPS

/e/ (formerly Eelo) is a free and open-source Android-based mobile operating system and associated online services. The operating system is a fork of LineageOS and Android. The custom firmware is developed by the /e/ Foundation, which was founded by French entrepreneur Gaël Duval. /e/ is presented as privacy software that does not contain proprietary Google apps or services (source Wikipedia).

/e/ uses Rapid.Space VPS to build system images of e.OS for all the phones they support. A single VPS can run countless Docker containers at the same time, each with a different build.

The key advantages of Rapid.Space for this application are: high performance, fair price, open hardware.


Seltech: CDN and SDN

Solution provider from design to production SELTECH is an international solution provider with deep expertise in acoustics and sensors. Seltch has a chinese subsidiary and hosts their CRM application on AWS in Singapore.

Seltech uses Rapid.Space SDN to reduce latency and congestion between Singapore and mainland China. Rapid.Space CDN provides accelerated HTTPS access in mainland China and in the rest of the world. The combination of SDN and CDN ensures smooth communication by all users worlwide.

The key advantages of Rapid.Space for this application are: reliable conectivity, fast access, fair price, open source.


Viettel: ORS

Viettel Group is a Vietnamese multinational telecommunications company headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. Viettel is the largest telecommunications service provider in Vietnam. It is a state-owned enterprise and operated by the Ministry of Defence (source Wikipedia).

Rapid.Space and Viettel have agreed to deploy 4G/5G networks with Rapid.Space ORS. Rapid.Space ORS supports both public and private networks. Its vRAN technology by Amarisoft and Fully Open business model simplify customisation and technology transfer.

The key advantages of Rapid.Space for this application are: sovereignty, flexibility and fair price.

City of Munich

City of Munich: BDH and SLA

The City of Munich needs to monitor public infrastructure projects by collecting data from sensors and industrialising data science models.

A custom version of Wendelin, the technology used by Rapid.Space BDH, is used by Woelfel GmbH to collect data, process it and produce reports. It is hosted on premise by Woelfel and operated automatically thanks to Rapid.Space SLA.

The key advantages of Rapid.Space for this application are: python native, automated operation, on premise, fair price and open source.


Mynij: PWS

Mynij is a startup company which develops a web search engine implemented as PWA.

Mynij uses Rapid.Space PWS to crawl and index web sites in background with the same PWA as the one used on client browsers.

The key advantages of Rapid.Space for this application are: a single code base for both client and server side, fair price and open source.


Nexedi: SLA

Nexedi is one of the largest open source publisers in Europe and the creator of ERP5 open source ERP.

Nexedi uses Rapid.Space SLA to automate the provisionning of more tban 500 ERP5 development environments to its developers on 10 different clouds (AWS, OVH, VMWare, etc). This also enforces the same best practices and quality standards worldwide. By combining and extending 46 standard components which are part of Rapid.Space SLA, Nexedi was able to make its own PaaS customised for ERP5 and deliver ERP5 as SaaS to more than 100 customers.

The key advantages of Rapid.Space for this application are: ability to customise PaaS components, multicloud portability, reproduceabilty, fair price, open source.


Bipandgo: VPS, CDN, SDN and SLA

Bip&Go is a French company, subsidiary of the Sanef group, in charge of marketing Liber-t electronic toll subscriptions, contract management and after-sales service

Rapid.Space SLA is used to automate the operation of Bipandgo blling platform deployed on BSO infrastructure. Rapid.Space VPS provides big servers for disaster recovery. A dedicated version of Rapid.Space CDN is deployed on OVHCloud. All services are interconnected through Rapid.Space SDN.

The key advantages of Rapid.Space for this application are: operation management automation, reproduceability, multicloud portability, high performance servers, fair price, open source.


Accton: POD

Accton is one of the largest manufacturers of networking equipment in Europe.

Accton has acquired a Rapid.Space POD to implement a hybrid cloud platform which is used for development and for commercial application, both internaly and for partners.

The key advantages of Rapid.Space for this application are: high performance, fair price, open source, open hardware.


Teralab: POD

Teralab is one of the pioneering big data platforms in Europe.

Teralab has acquired a Rapid.Space POD to create a highly secure private cloud infrastructure. Rapid.Space POD has been customised to support operation with Internet access and in combination with specific security measures.

The key advantages of Rapid.Space for this application are: high performance, flexibility, fair price, open source.


C-Astral: SLA and SDN

C-Astral is a leading drone manufacturer in Slovenia.

C-Astral has deployed Rapid.Space SLA on small ARM boards from Olimex to automate drone guidance. Each drone uses Rapid.Space SDN to exchange information with other drones and with the base station. Rapid.Space SLA supports hard real time operating system based on PREEMPT_RT. Rapid.Space SDN supports priority queues and TSN to distinguish best effort traffic (ex. images) from high priority traffice (ex. drone position)

The key advantages of Rapid.Space for this application are: real time support, flexibility, fair price, open source.

If you are interested to find out more about the respective use cases, get in touch with us at info (at)