Recycled Hardware

Rapid.Space reduces its CO2 emissions by relying on multiple strategies which may differ from one zone to another:

  • recertified servers;
  • energy efficient servers;
  • hydro power;
  • nuclear power;
  • low Power usage effectiveness.

Recertified hardware

Rapid.Space use recertified servers, By extending their life, Rapid.Space cuts CO2 emissions by 87% compared to average.

Hydro power

Rapid.Space tries to locate datacenters in regions with hydro power (ex. Sweden) or nuclear power (ex. France).

Energy efficient servers

In regions where all datacenters are powered by coal (ex. China, Germany), oil (ex. Japan) or gas, we try to use energy efficient servers such as Mitac OCP Capri powered by AMD CPU. This helps reducing CO2 impact, either by improving the performance/power ratio or by reducing the footprint, and thus materials used, in the datacenter.


Rapid.Space tries to favour data centers with lower PUE. Hydro66, with 1.07, is one of the most energy efficient data centers in the world.