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Rapid.Space is built using Free Software solutions. The basis of Rapid.Space is SlapOS a cloud orchestration and edge computing software built on top of ERP5 which provides OSS/BSS functionalities. NEO is the database being used by both ERP5 and SlapOS. Re6st is the networking and routing solution. There are more solutions that have been integrated into the Rapid.Space software stack. For a closer look, have a look at the Rapid.Space source code. 

Free Software

  • ERP5 LogoERP5 | Unified Enterprise ERP - ERP5 is a generic and customizable enterprise ERP system consisting of a core and various business templates (bt5s) that provide specific business features (accounting, CRM, et al) or industry templates (government, banking et al). ERP5 is based on five abstract concepts with the idea of being able to model the system to any industry and business scenario.

    Website  |  Source Code  |  Test Status  |  Wikipedia  |  Open Hub Profile  -  similar software: SAP R/3, Microsoft Dynamics

  • SlapOS LogoSlapOS | Decentralized Cloud Computing - SlapOS is a software for deploying and managing software applications on a cloud infrastructure automating provisioning, orchestration, backup, resiliency, recovery and invoicing. Everything on SlapOS is run as a service with the Webrunner IDE providing configuration and monitoring access. SlapOS is used to deploy most of Nexedi's solutions, such as ERP5 and Wendelin.

    Website  |  Source Code  |  Test Status  |  Wikipedia  |  Open Hub Profile  |  ViFib Commercial Service  -  similar software: Azure, Google Cloud

  • NEO LogoNEO | Distributed, Transactional NoSQL Database - NEO (neoppod) is a distributed, redundant and transactional storage designed to be an alternative to ZEO and FileStorage. It adds features such as no cluster-wide commit locks, load balancing and replication over multiple machines. Nexedi is using NEO on all recent instances of ERP5 and Wendelin running either a single machine or a cluster of instances provided through SlapOS.

    Website  |  Source Code  |  Test Status  |  Wikipedia  |  Open Hub Profile  -  similar software: MySQL, GoogleFS

  • Re6st LogoRe6st | Resilient Mesh Network- re6st (also called Re6stnet) creates a resilient, scalable, ipv6 network on top of any existing IPv4 network by creating tunnels on the fly, and then routing targeted traffic through these tunnels along the real-time optimal route. Nexedi is using re6st for its internal network optimization and is also offering re6st-based network services from content delivery to software defined radio networks.

    Website  |  Source Code  |  Wikipedia  |  Open Hub Profile  |  Grandenet ADN (China only)  -  similar software: NSX



Rapid.Space is being developed with continuous integration tests. Latest test results are available here:

(coming soon - in the meantime, you can check the test results on the ERP5 page which include test results of all involved software solutions)