VPS – Virtual Private Server


  • 40 Xeon vCores
  • 256 GB RAM
  • 10 Gbps LAN
  • 1 Gbps Transit
  • Global CDN
  • Rest API

195€/month (excl. tax)

Rent a VPS


  • 128 AMD vCores
  • 1 TB RAM
  • 4x4TB NVMe SSD
  • 10 Gbps LAN
  • 1 Gbps Transit
  • Global CDN
  • Rest API

495€/month (excl. tax)

Rent a VPSBrute

A dedicated, high performance server running a single virtual machine (VM) for a single customer.

High Performance

Rapid.Space uses Open Compute servers similar to those of Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo! Japan with Intel Xeon or AMD Ryzen CPU.


Only one customer can use each VPS. No other customer will slow you down or try to steal your data, since there isn't any.

Direct SSD

With direct attached SSD, database workloads match the performance of a bare metal server. We mostly use Samsung.

Any OS

Install OS by yourself: Linux, BSD, Windows, etc. You're in control of every detail. You can also automate installation.

10 Gbps

Each virtual machine is attached to 10 Gbps local area network suitable for big data and high availability clusters.

1 Gbps

1 Gbps of shared internet transit is provided. It is shared by 16 to 36 servers.

18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IP

Each VPS is allocated a /64 IPv6 block. Every service you run gets a dedicated IPv6. No more port conflicts.

Global CDN

Accessing your VPS through built-in HTTPS caching proxy, just like Facebook does, improves performance and availability, especially in China.


Automate VPS provisioning and OS installation thanks to Rapid.Space REST API. 

Please beware of the following:

Incoming traffic: IPv6 or IPv4 HTTP(S)

Rapid.Space VPS can be contacted directly from anywhere in the world through any IP protocol over IPv6.

Rapid.Space VPS can be contacted indirectly from anywhere in the world through HTTP(S) protocol over IPv4 thanks to Rapid.Space Content Delivery Network (CDN) included with each VPS.

Web Hosting: IPv6 or IPv4

Rapid.Space VPS can host web sites (CMS, e-commerce, etc.), web applications (ERP, CRM, etc.) or any web service accessed through IPv4.

Rapid.Space Content Delivery Network (CDN) acts as a proxy between HTTP(S) over IPv4 and HTTP(S) over IPv6. This way, HTTP(S) IPv4 access is possible even though the backend is hosted on an IPv6-only network.

Outgoing traffic: IPv6 or IPv4 with NAT

Rapid.Space VPS can access any public IPv4 through any IP based protocol (ex. HTTP, QUIC, SSH, stunnel, etc.) which supports Network Address Translation (NAT).

Rapid.Space VPS can access any public IPv6 through any IP protocol (TCP, UDP, 6in4, GRE, etc.).

Public IPv4(Optional)

Optional public IPv4 can be attached to Rapid.Space VPS in certain zones at extra cost. Contact us for more details.

IPv6 vs. IPv4

IPv4 is the recommended way to access Web sites hosted on Rapid.Space VPS. Rapid.Space Content Delivery Network (CDN) has global presence, including in China, to ensure reliable access.

IPv6 is the recommended way to access Rapid.Space for developers. Developers without IPv6 access are encouraged to read Rapid.Space user handbook and learn how to obtain IPv6 everywhere in the world.

Zone Redundancy

It is up to the user to implement resiliency by combining multiple Rapid.Space VPS in different zones with a well tested disaster recovery process and/or a high availability orchestrator.

A Rapid.Space VPS is powered by a single server, a single SSD, a single network adapter, a single power supply unit in a single datacenter with a single Internet access. If any of those components becomes unavailable for some reason, then your Rapid.Space VPS becomes unavailable too, temporarily or permanently.

Despite not being redundant nor resilient, the average downtime of a single Rapid.Space VPS is equivalent to "Downtime statistics of current cloud solutions".

Whenever two or three Rapid.Space VPS in different zones are combined, the average availability can reach 99.999% or more, depending on the software technology which the user selected.

IP whitelist

All incoming IPv6 traffic is blocked by default. Users may configure a whitelist of incoming IPv6 that can access their Rapid.Space VPS. It is free-of-charge.

All outgoing IPv4 and IPv6 traffic is blocked by default with the exception of a community-contributed whitelist of public repositories (debian, npm, git, etc.). Users may configure an additional, custom whitelist of outgoing IP that can access their Rapid.Space VPS. Each additional IP is charged 1€/month.

Rapid.Space VPS is thus suitable for business applications (ERP, CRM, etc.), web sites (CMS, e-commerce, etc.), database (MariaDB, MongoDB, etc.), development environments and, generally, any backend service. Rapid.Space VPS is not suitable for P2P, proxies, email forwarding, etc.

Zero Knowledge

If users activate Zero Knowledge feature, Rapid.Space has no access to their credentials. If users lose their password, Rapid.Space can not recover it.

Bare metal(Optional)

Optional root access to the bare metal host server is possible in certain zones at extra cost. Contact us for more details.