PWS – Progressive Web Server


  • HTML5
  • WebRTC
  • Javascript
  • Web Assembly
  • 24/7
  • Headless
  • Rest API

from 1€/month (excl. tax)


A headless web browser to run progressive web applications (PWA) on the cloud.

Go cloudless!

More than 90% Web applications could be developed without cloud, just by using Javascript, web assembly (WASM) and WebRTC running inside a Web browser.

24/7 PWA

Yet, some applications require 24/7 availabity. Rapid.Space PWS turns a local PWA with limited availability into hosted PWA with 24/7 availability.

Headless Browser

Rapid.Space PWS runs headless Chromium browser 24/7 on a Rapid.Space VPS. Use can load any progressive web application (PWA).

PaaS made easy

Your Web browser is actually one of the most powerful PaaS: software such as CribJS turn it into a poweful IDE with thousands of libraries.

Naturally scalable

Because PWA code is executed on the browser side, the more users, the more computing power.

Naturally ecofriendly

A single Rapid.Space PWS can serve hundreds or thousands of user with properly designed code. PWA development based on P2P libraires such as WebTorrent or on synchronisation libraires such as JIO reduce the need for powerful cloud servers.


Automate Rapid.Space PWS provisioning and configuration thanks to Rapid.Space REST API.