POD – Point of Delivery


  • 16 VPS with:
  • •40 Xeon vCores
  • •256 GB RAM
  • 10 Gbps LAN
  • 10 Gbps switch
  • Rest API

from 80,000€ (excl. tax)



  • 16 VPSBrute with:
  • •128 AMD vCores
  • •1 TB RAM
  • •4x4TB NVMe SSD
  • 10 Gbps LAN
  • 10 Gbps switch
  • Rest API

from 225,000€ (excl. tax)

Buy PODBrute


  • AMD/NXP/Hygon
  • PaaS by Theia
  • Digital workplace
  • Industry 4.0
  • PCIe
  • Globally immune
  • Rest API

from 55€ /month(excl. tax)

Buy EdgePOD

16 VPS or VPSBrute ready for deployment on premise or in a colocation data center.

High Performance

Rapid.Space POD uses Open Compute servers similar to those of Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo! Japan with Intel Xeon or AMD Ryzen CPU.

Networking included

Rapid.Space POD includes an Edge-core Open Compute switch powered by open source network network operating system (OpenAOS).


Rapid.Space is fully preconfigured with Rapid.Space SLA service.

Managed Hybrid Cloud

Deploy Rapid.Space servers on-premise and operate a public, private or hybrid cloud without hiring a dedicated team for 24/7 operation management.

3-year operation management

Each POD includes 3-year remote operation management service which supports provisioning, orchestration, monitoring, disaster recovery, resource accounting and billing.

3-year warranty

3 year warranty covers return to shipper for repair/replacement.


Rapid.Space server can be easily maintained remotely with any smartphone and a Raspberry Pi.

Rapid.Space SLA

Rapid.Space SLA is included in Rapid.Space POD.

Rapid.Space SDN

Rapid.Space SDN is included in Rapid.Space POD.

Contribute to Rapid.Space (option)

Register yourself as Rapid.Space point of presence (POP) and earn 175€ / month / server provisioned by Rapid.Space (POD) or 475€ / month / server (PODBrute).


Automate Rapid.Space POD provisioning and configuration thanks to Rapid.Space REST API. 

Global Immune

EdgePOD is a cost-efficient 1U edge server with three choices of CPU: 8-core Hygon, 16-core AMD or NXP, which makes it immune to extraterritorial jurisdiction. It is a plug-and-play edge solution which can be deploy automatically on-premise, be managed by Rapid.Space panel and be accessed worldwide through Rapid.Space CDN.