About Rapid.Space

Rapid.Space is a service of Nexedi SA, the largest publisher of Open Source / Free Software in Europe with 15 million lines of original source code. Nexedi enterprise software portfolio covers business applications (ERP5), edge cloud computing (SlapOS), big data (Wendelin), distributed transactional NoSQL database (NEO), HTML5 productivity (OfficeJS), progressive offline web applications (RenderJS, JIO), software defined resilient networking (re6st), devops (Webrunner) and multimedia conversion (cloudooo). With presence in Europe, Asia and Americas, Nexedi addresses a wide range of industries ranging from aerospace, apparel, banking, healthcare to government sectors. The Free Software nature of Nexedi solutions eliminates licensing costs, provides full freedom to update or customize the system as business requirements change and let corporations capitalize their know how with no single vendor lock-in. Nexedi provides 24/7 support to corporations and governments wishing to migrate their mission critical applications to Free Software solutions.

Rapid.Space is using the cloud service infrastructure provided by Vifib.com, Nexedi's own hosting provider.

For further information, feel free to contact us directly:

Rapid.Space International SASU
17 Rue du Pache
F-75011 Paris, France

Mail: info@rapid.space
Phone: +33 6 29 02 44 25
Web: rapid.space