Free Software

Besides using recycled, open hardware, Rapid.Space is using Free Software exclusively from billing down to running linuxboot rather than proprietary BIOS.

Rapid.Space is built and run using SlapOS. Utilising SlapOS to manage, provision and orchestrate servers is fully documented. All software being used on Rapid.Space originates from the SlapOS software catalog. This includes:

  • Devops and nano-containers (based on buildout)
  • Virtualisation (based on qemu/kvm)
  • Resilient IPv6 Networking (based on re6st and babel)
  • Content Delivery Network (based on caddy and Apache traffic server)
  • Accounting and billing (based on ERP5)
  • Disaster recovery (based on rdiff-backup)
  • Database (based on MariaDB, Postgresql or NEO)
  • etc.

This means that you can contribute to Rapid.Space, improve it, add a software release for your own software to be included in the software catalog or "copy" everything and become your own hosting provider. We'll even help you do that.