Now: Dedicated VM and SSD

Rapid.Space is renting Virtual Machines (VMs) on clusterable, dedicated servers connected via 10 Gbps LAN with 1Gbps Internet transit, global CDN (including in mainland China) and REST API to access your virtual machine.

Each server hosts a single VM attached directlty to dedicated SSD for maximum I/O performance. Multiple servers and VMs can be deployed at once as a consistent cluster with high speed, low latency IPv6 networking.

Soon: Bare Metal and Extreme SSD

Thanks to SlapOS nano-container technology, Rapid.Space will soon offer the possibility to deploy any GNU/Linux software (MariaDB, Postgresql, ERP5, NEO, Wendelin, Spark, etc.) on bare metal and extreme performance SSD (Fusion-IO or NVME). We expect 200% to 1000% I/O performance increase.

Check the latest news section on the landing page for upcoming developments and announcments. You may also join our alpha test programme if you are interested in contributing to this evolution.